The NCMO comprises:

The National Bank of Romania. The central bank of Romania. Its primary objective is to ensure and maintain price stability. Without prejudice to its primary objective, the NBR supports the general economic policy of the State.
The Financial Supervisory Authority. It was established as an autonomous, specialised, with legal status, independent, self-financed administrative authority, exercising its duties by taking over and reorganising all duties and powers of the National Securities Commission (CNVM), the Insurance Supervisory Commission (CSA) and the Private Pension System Supervisory Commission (CSSPP).
The Ministry of Finance. The MF is organised and run as a specialised body of central public administration, with legal status, subordinated to the Government that implements the strategy and Government Programme in the field of public finance.
The Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund. It guarantees bank deposits in case a credit institution faces insolvency. If the bank where deposits were made can no longer repay the depositors, the Fund ensures the compensation payments. At the same time, the Fund may operate as special administrator, temporary administrator, sole liquidator or shareholder of a bridge bank or of an asset management vehicle, according to the legislation on the recovery and resolution of credit institutions.

The General Board of the NCMO consists of:

  • Mugur Isărescu, Governor, National Bank of Romania – Chairman of the NCMO;
  • Florin Georgescu, First Deputy Governor, National Bank of Romania;
  • Leonardo Badea, Deputy Governor, National Bank of Romania;
  • Alexandru PETRESCU, President, Financial Supervisory Authority;
  • Gabriel Ioan AVRĂMESCU, First Vice President, Financial Supervisory Authority;
  • Ștefan Daniel ARMEANU, Vice President – Private Pension System Sector, Financial Supervisory Authority;
  • Marcel-Ioan Boloș, Minister of Finance, Ministry of Finance;
  • Alin Marius Andrieș, Secretary of State, responsible for coordinating public debt management, Ministry of Finance; and
  • Carmen Moraru, responsible for coordinating the promotion of the legal framework for financial markets, Ministry of Finance.

Furthermore, the General Director of the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund, Petre Tulin, participates in the General Board meetings without having a voting right.