With a view to fulfilling its fundamental objective, the NCMO is tasked with:

  1. identifying, collecting and analysing the necessary information for the purpose of achieving the fundamental objective;
  2. identifying, monitoring and assessing systemic risks;
  3. identifying the systemically important financial institutions and financial system structures;
  4. preparing the strategy on macroprudential policy for the purpose of achieving the fundamental objective;
  5. issuing recommendations and warnings in order to prevent or mitigate systemic risks to the stability of the national financial system;
  6. issuing recommendations and, where appropriate, warnings in order to ensure the implementation of the European Systemic Risk Board recommendations or, where appropriate, issuing the necessary recommendations and warnings following the European Systemic Risk Board warnings, issued under the powers conferred upon it by Regulation (EU) No. 1092/2010;
  7. monitoring the implementation of the recommendations issued by the Committee and of the measures adopted at national level, following the recommendations and warnings issued by the Committee;
  8. setting, reassessing on a regular basis and monitoring the intermediate objectives of macroprudential policy;
  9. setting, at national level, and reassessing on a regular basis the macroprudential instruments and recognising the macroprudential instruments set by the authorities of other Member States;
  10. issuing advisory opinions in its remit, according to the legal provisions in force; and
  11. issuing recommendations for ensuring the implementation at national level of the regulations, decisions, recommendations, guidelines and guides in the field of macroprudential oversight, adopted at EU level.